Welcome to the Home of Highland High School Boys Distance Team

Sunday, February 4 2024

Welcome to the home of Highland High School. Users can create an account, log runs in the training log, get meet information and all kinds of awesomeness with your SteepleWeb site.


I was introduced to this idea from another distance coach from a clinic. This website is so diverse as we as a team can show and do some much on here!


As a parent/fan you are more than welcomed to create an account so you don't miss out on any information posted on here. This just like band will promote our team and your student athlete. This time though you can see meet data, workout splits, and records of our program! This with band will be a great duo! 


As for our athletes, YOU will create an account so coaches can look over any data with your runs, show your splits from meets/workouts here, and allow you to log in your runs which will be something we will continue to do like always! 


Fill free to always stop me at meets or at practice if anyone has any questions about our website!