New Runners

First, if you're planning to become a new runner for the Winters Mill Falcons Cross Country, create an account, and then login so you can begin your Summer Training and view schedules, information, etc.

If you're not sure and/or want more information, READ ON....


        What is Cross Country?                        Girls XC in Action.


The New Runner FAQ

1.  What exactly is Cross Country?

It's a sport where you run 3 miles or 5K (3.1 miles) in a race with the rest of your teammates and several other teams.  It takes place in the Fall Season (August - November) but important training is done during the Summer which will set you up for a successful season!

2.  What about Varsity?

The top 7 runners from each team make Varsity.  It does not matter if you're a freshman or Senior.  You have an equal chance to participate on Varsity.  All other runners are considered JV and there are no cuts.  Also, if you get faster as the season progresses, Varsity can change from week to week.  Coaches have discretion in choosing their Varsity team but it is mainly based on who has the best times from the previous week.

3.  Running?  Every Day?!

Believe it or not, you'll love it.  Your body will get used to running a small amount first and then gradually increase as your stamina increases.  You won't run the same way each day.  There are workouts, long runs, fartleks, tempo runs, strides, hills, and so much more.  Your team will be there to support you as you work to achieve your best each and every day.

4.  What about the team?

Cross Country is one of the only sports where the boys and girls teams practice at the same place and compete at the same place.  We ride the bus together and practice together throughout the week.  This is a close knit team that welcomes anyone that wants to be part of a team and work hard.  Throughout the season, there are also pasta parties which families host before meets which help continue the bonding within the team.

5.  Do I have to already be able to run fast?

Some of our runners start out fast and continue to get faster.  Some of our runners start out as beginners and continue to work hard and get faster.  The goal of our program is to help each runner grow to their fullest potential.  We look for dedicated runners that would like to be part of a team and work to be better than when they started!


Have more questions!?  E-mail the coaches and we'll be more than willing to help you decide if Cross Country is the right place for you! (It probably is...)


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Boys Coach: Dan Replogle (