Highland Park High School - Highland Park, IL -- Wolters Field

Highland Park Twilight Invitational

April 23, 2011

Schedule of Events


10:00 am            Field Events


                        Long Jump (north runway), 4 jumps, no finals, Varsity 1st,  F/S 2nd

                        Triple Jump (south runway), 4 jumps, no finals, F/S 1st, Varsity 2nd

                        Pole Vault, Varsity 1st, F/S 2nd , opening height TBA

                        High Jump, Varsity 1st, F/S 2nd, opening height TBA

                        Shot Put, 4 throws, no finals, Varsity 1st, F/S 2nd

                        Discus, 4 throws, no finals, F/S 1st, Varsity 2nd


11:00 am            Semis / Track Events

The winner from each of 2 heats, and the next 6 fastest times (FAT) will qualify for the finals


                        100m                        prelim                       

                        110 HH                     prelim           

                        3200m run                F/S

                        200m                         prelim           




11:30 am            Finals

                        F/S heat(s) 1st, followed by Varsity

                        Finals begin no sooner than 11:30 am, if prelims are completed earlier.


                        4 X 800m Relay

                        4 X 100m Relay

                        Brad Hanson 3200m Run (Varsity)* Special award will be granted upon completion of race.

                        110 HH

                        100m Dash

                        800m Run

                        4 X 200m Relay

                        400m Dash

                        300m IH

                        1600m Run

                        200m Dash

                        4 X 400m Relay  

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