Glenbrook North High School - Northbrook, IL -- Glenbrook North High School Track



All field events begin at 2:00 p.m.

4 athletes per relay.


2:00 Pole Vault

High Jump Relay

Long Jump Relay Triple Jump Relay to follow Long Jump Relay

Shot Put Relay

Discus Relay


4:15 High Hurdle Shuttle Relay (4 x 110m)


4:30 3200m Relay (4 x 800)


4:45 400 m Relay (4 x 100m)


4:55 Distance Medley Relay (1200m-400m-800m-1600m)


5:15 Middle Distance Medley Relay (200m-200m-400m-800m)


5:30 Sprint Medley Relay (100m-100m-200m-400m)


5:40 6400m Relay (4 x 1 Mile)


6:05 800m Relay (4 x 200m)


6:15 Low Hurdle Shuttle Relay (4 x 110m) (Hurdles at lowest setting)


6:35 Throwers 4 x 100 (4 throwers who participated in the meet)


6:45 1600m Relay (4 x 400)



TRACK: The running track and jumping surfaces are polyurethane, 1/8” spikes only.


BATONS: Each team must furnish its own relay batons.


STARTING BLOCKS: Will be furnished by the host team.


CONCESSIONS: A concession stand will be open during the meet.





The Shuttle Hurdle relays will be contested in heats against time. The low hurdle shuttle relay will run the same distance as the highs (110m). We will run every other hurdle with the start/finish line being the same. The 3200m, 6400m and Distance Medley Relays will be run in one heat. All other relays will be run in two sections, seeded by time.


FIELD EVENTS: (All field events will start at 2:00 p.m.)

Pole Vault: Depending on the number of schools entering, two vault areas will be conducted, with starting heights of 7’0” and 9’0” respectively; the bar being raised 6” until 13’ and then 3”. Each team must designate two vaulters for each vault area. All four vaulters must clear an opening height or the team will be scratched.


High Jump:

Starting height will be 4’8” and will be raised 2” until 6’, 1” thereafter; the 90 second rule will be strictly enforced. All four jumpers must clear the opening height or the team will be scratched.


Long Jump:

Will be contested in two pits and each team will designate two jumpers per pit. Each contestant will receive three trials.


Triple Jump:

Will follow completion of the Long Jump and use identical procedures as the Long Jump.


Shot Put and Discus:

Will be contested simultaneously with areas available for warm-up. The Shot Put entries will

be seeded with the best entries first and the Discus in the reverse order. Each contestant

will have three trials.




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