- Woodstock, IL -- Emricson Park

Meet Date:                           SATURDAY OCTOBER 25, 2014


Race Times:                  10:00 AM Girls Race                  11:00 AM Boys Race


Burlington (Central)

Crystal Lake (Central)

Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)


Maple Park (Kaneland)

Sycamore (H.S.)

Vernon Hills


Woodstock (H.S.)



Rules:                           IHSA Terms and Conditions for Boys and Girls Cross Country are

                                    available on the IHSA Website.


Maps:         Emricson Park Cross Country Course maps can be found on the left-hand side of this page.

SECTIONAL:         Advancement of Winners Regional Meet at Woodstock to Sectional Meet hosted by Kaneland High School.

                                    The first six placing teams and the first five runners who are not members of the first six placing teams in each regional will advance to the Kaneland H.S. sectional competition at the site to which they are assigned.  The top eight individual finishers are automatic sectional qualifiers.


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  1. The course is on a hilly terrain and is a three mile course for the boys and for the

Girls.  Spiked shoes may be worn; spikes should be no longer than ½ inch in length.  Maps are enclosed.  Starting line box assignments will be given in the race packet to be picked up when the teams arrive at the meet.


  1. We are asking that you come dressed for competition as we have no changing facilities or shower facilities at Emricson Park.  Bathroom facilities are available.


  1. Two judges will be in charge of the finish; their decision will be final.  Chute inspectors will keep the runners in their finish order until finish cards are assigned.  All runners are to remain in the bullpen until released by the recorders.  Course inspectors will be assigned to all turns and blind areas on the course.


  1. Shoe tags will be issued to each runner.  Please have athletes secure the chip to their shoe and return them upon completion of the race.


  1. Coaches are requested to keep the course clear and help keep spectators from crowding runners at the finish.  Radios and tape players are not permitted in the area of the meet so that everyone can hear meet announcements.  There shall be no catch (of any type) being played in the park area used for the Regional Meet.


  1. Official times will be kept on all finishers.  Coaches may time their own runners; such timers will not be permitted in the area of the finish.


  1. In each race, uniforms and undergarments must comply with IHSA uniform regulations.


  1. Please make sure that you review all of the Terms and Conditions attached. Each team is limited to 7 boys runners and 7 girls runners.


  1. Emricson Park is located on west South Street (see attached map).  The park is approximately 1/4 to 3/8  mile to the west of Woodstock High School.  Awards ceremony will begin at approximately 11:45 in the area of the finish chute.  The Top Five finishers will receive medals.


  1. Buses are instructed to park in the parking lot in the west area of the park adjacent to the Woodstock Waterworks Aquatic area.  Parking for spectators is in the south lot next to softball diamond “A” and other designated areas.  Emricson Park prohibits parking on grass surfaces throughout the park.


Remember, advancement to the next round (Sectional) includes the first six placing teams and the first five runners who are not members of the first six placing teams that will advance to Kaneland High School for the Sectional Meet.  Also, runners finishing 6th – 8th overall are guaranteed to qualify.

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