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Version 1.8.1 Coming Friday (7/16/10)

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An update is being pushed to all SteepleWeb sites on Friday, July 16th or later, that will include:

  • Training Log: Correctly add activity in different measurements (miles, kilometers, yards, meters)
  • Training Log: New Fields (laps, cadence, rpms)
  • Fix for different Timezones
  • Documents: Elevated Documents – will keep documents on the frontpage and at the top of the documents page until de-selected
  • Documents: Make Public – allow a document to be downloaded without the user logging into the site
  • User Registration: Can customize the welcome message for new users, and can also choose between 3 levels of user registration modes: none, user, admin.   Admin is recomended, as it does not activate a new user account until the site administrator has done so.
  • Frontpage settings have changed so that the number of items shown on the frontpage can be selected, and “days” is no longer used.  This will keep the frontpage more consistent for users

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