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2.7.8 Updates

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The internet moves fast, and we are making updates right now to be ahead of the curve.

  • Videos that are uploaded will now be encoded as MP4 instead of Flash. The Flash format is essentially dead. We will also be converting all of the current videos in the system to mp4 as well. This will allow all your users (especially on mobile devices) to view videos without any extra headache.
  • HTTPS: all sites will soon be loading over secure https instead of unsecure http. The Internet is moving in this direction and we wanted to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Speed improvements: with the https upgrade, some other upgrades were necessary. The side effect is faster code! We already have the code-base optimized pretty well, but you will notice a small speed boost with the new updates!
  • Emojis: We’ve added some to the training log (spice up those logs)!
  • Comment Listing: There is now a listing of all comments made in the admin section so coaches can monitor more easily

Other than those changes, we will keep making progress on your requests and making you and your team’s experience the best we can! Thanks for using SteepleWeb!