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Adding Your Requests (2.6.2)

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After getting your feedback this spring (and just a couple weeks ago on our coaches survey), we’ve made many updates you’ve asked for.

  • Meet Notes just for your team
  • Updated the prospective athlete form for high school
  • added a ‘notes’ field for each result. This is a 140 character field to add any comment about a result
  • Default distance of routes in the training log. This will auto populate your distance when adding an activity after selecting a route
  • Custom pages now have the option to be ‘private’ so only your logged-in users can view those pages.

We’ve also updated the text editor in the admin panel and training log which will hopefully provide a better experience. It is also a step in the direction of providing a more rich experience with the text editor and allowing users to easily insert images and other files.

Many of our coaches also liked the option of ‘mass texting’ – be able to send a text message to all their athletes from the admin panel. We’ve completed step 1 of this process: allowing your athletes to enter their phone number and cell phone provider and also opt-in to the texting. So if you’d like to utilize the mass texting when we finish implementing the feature you will need to make sure your athletes/users opt-in and provide their information. They can do this from their profile.

We enjoyed another season of working with all the coaches and we are preparing for cross country this fall. Please keep in touch and let us know what you’d like to see in our next update of SteepleWeb.

Nate, Brad, and Scot