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Progress on Version 2.0.0

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Hey folks, you may have not heard from us for a while, but its heavy coding season here at SteepleWeb – taking all your requests and actually making them available.

There is a large technical change with version 2, so there is some expected downtime in the near future (Hopefully October), when there will be some database changes that will pave the way for the future changes.

When version 2.0.0 rolls-out, you probably won’t see all the features we’ve told you about – but dont’ worry, they will come.  2.0.0 will lay the groundwork for all our future changes, and get SteepleWeb ready to go out of beta in the summer of 2011.

Appreciate all the feedback from our testing teams – and I’m excited to be doing some real coding and making all these cool changes.  But my fiance gets a little annoyed when I have trouble sleeping because I’m running through code in my head while I sleep.