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New Server (The Cherry II)

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You know you’re nerdy when you have a name for your server – but would you expect any less?

In anticipation for SteepleWeb going “public” – we are going to retire our current server (The Cherry), and put the new fantastic Cherry II online.  To clarify going “public” – We will be ending our “beta” period this summer.  This means that we are no longer limiting our customer base – and we will start having some paid-plans.

But this post isn’t about business – its about servers.

We just bought all the parts, and will be assembling it within the week  Here is the load-out:

1 – Quad-Core Processor
4 – 2TB HDD’s in RAID 5
6 – 4GB Ram – 24GB total

It should be able to handle quite a bit of growth for SteepleWeb (and the few other sites we host on it)!