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After weeks of getting the new database built and tested, and then week smore of writing a migration script (well over 2000 lines of code) – we migrated every site (except for runportland) to our 2.0.0 version of SteepleWeb.

So you may be wondering “where are all the new great features?”  Well, they aren’t here yet, but they are going to be here soon.  After a solid year of testing SteepleWeb with a handful of beta testing teams, we need to make some significant changes to really bring the features and usability that our teams were looking for.  It was a massive database change – so while not evening getting new features – they are actually a few bugs we have to work out.

Have no fear though, because once we get these bugs fixed, we are going to start brining you the updates that you’ve requested.  We’ve already implemented Facebook adn twitter integration for the users (still at beta stage, but users can sync their Facebook and twitter account, post to these outlets after logging up a run, for example).  Also, a user can now be part of multiple teams – we had a few users that had their high school and collegiate teams on SteepleWeb – now they can be a part of both sites.

We are working with a designer to bring more templates – which means your team sites are going to start looking a lot better cause i’m not designing anymore!  We are planning on giving each team the option to change their template whenever they want – and allowing each team to edit their local css file to give the greatest control over what your site looks like.  But don’t worry, Brad and I are still here to help you get your site looking how you want.

What we are Looking to Become

The new vision for SteepleWeb is to become the home of everything for running.  There are plenty of great running websites out there (flotrack, dyestat, etc..) – so why are we trying to be the center of the running world?  Because no other service out there offers what SteepleWeb offers – a home website for your team.  All the features in SteepleWeb are unrivaled – no other service will give you everything SW will give you.

Results, videos, pictures, and training log – its all going to be available at – it will be the culmination and center of all the SW sites.

Soon, we will have built-in meet registration system, and meet results upload.  This means that if you are hosting a meet, you can take all the registrations online, and then dump that file for use in Hy-tek.  After the meet is done, you can export the results from Hy-tek into the SW database.  The benefits for your team and the sport will be groundbreaking!

Thank You

Thanks to all our beta testing teams – over a year of feedback from you has helped SteepleWeb grow tremendously.  We are planning to roll out an referral program – so you will get rewarded for brining more teams to SteepleWeb.


We will keep you updated as we continue to grow.  Thanks for using SteepleWeb!

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