2.5 Update (With a side of downtime)

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After months of work, we are finally ready to move to our new server (that is the basic story, I’ll keep it short as to not bore you). The new server is a monster, and should be able to maintain the hordes of teams that will signup the day we open SteepleWeb up into the wild (at least that’s how we see it in our dreams).

This update comes with a little downtime as we migrate to the new server – but don’t worry, we’ve tossed in a few options to keep you happy. First big improvement you will notice is speed! All the pages (especially the training log) load considerably faster, so the page loading time should be gone. Most other pages on your site will have speed improvements too, so get excited. The next cool new feature is a mobile version of your site. Its version 1 of the SteepleWeb mobile, but its a step in the right-direction. We haven’t integrated the training log on it yet, but thats top on the list.

This new version lays the groundwork for a faster update process – on our list is a re-fitting of the admin panel (badly needed), and the ability to change the style of your site (including a choice between templates – that’s right, we’ve got some new templates headed your way).

The downtime will happen in about a week or so – we will send out another email closer to when the downtime will occur, and of course we will post it on our facebook, twitter, and google+ pages.

Hope everyone’s track & field seasons are getting off to a good start!

Nate, Brad, and Scot

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