2.5.7: Integrating Social Media

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2.5.7 will be releasing shortly (you can always see what version you are running from the footer of your admin panel!), and it’s got some goodness for ya.

-The admin panel has some very minor changes, with some more ajax on form fields and athlete roster data all consolidated to the athlete edit page. We’ve brought back the “Sponsor” widget, which allows you to put a sponsor’s “advertisement” on the frontpage of your SteepleWeb site. This is a great way for teams to make some extra money and involve their sponsors.

We’ve integrated social media – both at the team and user level. At the team level, if your team has a Facebook Page, you can connect you SteepleWeb site with that page. So anytime you post a document/link, announcement or news article to your SteepleWeb site, a post can automatically be posted on your team’s Facebook Page. At the user end, your users can now connect to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and after adding a training log, they can have a summary post to their Twitter or Facebook feed.

User permissions have been changed once again, but this time with the utmost flexibility. You can now create your own user groups, and assign users to those groups. You can set permission for each group, but most teams should be fine with the built-in user groups provided by default with your SteepleWeb site.

For our Gold level teams, we’ve created some nice Excel team reports for athletes and meets. Having a report in the Excel format is great since most coaches are using Excel already for their own reporting.

Looking for some different features? You can always suggest new features on our support page!

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