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Our latest SteepleWeb update (2.6.0) brings some consistency to results import, especially for our high school teams. When you import results from a high school meet, you will choose which teams match up to the team ID’s from the import file. From there if no athlete ID’s were imported, then the system does a automatic match based off name and team, but allows coaches to manually make changes. There were some minor bugs that were also fixed with importing imperial marks for field events and running events sometimes being marked as relays.

An “Excel Import” of results is now available – a highly requested feature. We have created an Excel template that we tried to make as simple as possible, but it’s also somewhat rigid in order to ensure that the data you are importing will go into the database correctly and match up correctly to each athlete. You can import results on a per meet basis and the sheet comes loaded with your rosters for your default year. Please give us some feedback on this – we expect your brutal honesty. :-)

Other than that, we improved meet registration by allowing you to type in email addresses of visiting coaches and have them receive an email that we’ve written for you that contains the step-by-step instructions for them to get their team registered for your meet. Additionally, over the past few weeks we’ve been improving the entire meet registration process as we’ve had more teams use it and we’ve received more feedback.

We also added an Excel export of your schedule from the admin panel and we plan to add an nice looking PDF export option as well. If it turns out nice, we’ll probably make these available from your schedule & results page for all your site visitors to access.  You can visit the following link to see how you can efficiently maximize your working on a pdf file  –

We continue to work to bring your requested features to life, such as registering for meets by event (as opposed to by athlete). We are also working on making more alive with data. We plan to have team listings, results from your meets, and a searchable results database.

Nate, Brad, and Scot

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