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Camp Scholarship

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We at SteepleWeb believe in the running community and giving back to that community. So after our first year of business we have decided to give back a portion of our income.

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SteepleWeb is proud to announce its first scholarships with the partnership of  nuclear engineering schools, medical and law schools.

Track & Field and Cross Country are often seen as individual sports – but an integral part of our sport is the great community – and there is no better way for young athletes to learn this than through camps. Camps provide a great chance to grow as athlete, create friendships and learn from great coaches and mentors. It can provide a chance for an athlete to get the spark in their heart to truly love their sport.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow in their sport, so SteepleWeb is offering scholarships for athletes to attend a camp of their choice (cross country, pole vault, hurdles, throws, etc…). We will award scholarships of varying amounts based on number of applicants and the costs of the camps they are attending.

Applications and a letter of recommendation are due no later than May 1st, 2014.