Date Headline
09/04/2019September Schedule
08/16/2019Weekend Running plan!
08/05/2019Week 9 Mileage Goals
07/28/2019Week 8 Mileage goals
07/21/2019Week 7 Mileage Goals!
07/15/2019Week 6 Mileage Goals!
07/08/2019Week 5 Mileage Goals!
07/04/2019General Strength Routine
06/30/2019Wee 4 Mileage
06/28/2019Important Reminders!
06/23/2019Camp 2019 Complete but our Journey to Greatness has just begun!
06/23/2019Week 3 Mileage Goals
06/23/2019Summer Mileage Groups
06/09/2019Welcome to the Home of Annawan Wethersfield Titans
06/09/2019DQ Run June 10th at 6pm